Network governance and data management.

The purpose of this WG will be to develop the rationale, strategy and standards for collaboration, as well as the structure and model for the network governance. Standard operating and data processing procedures and data storage and data management based on evaluation and development will be implemented, including data version controls, software use and updates and quality flagging. Quality assurance, required protocols, best practice for network management and strategic development will be formulated and applied. A training school will be organised towards the end of the Action.


  1. To assess and resolve potential problems with the implementation of standard characterisation, calibration, operating and data processing procedures across all European Brewer stations.

  2. To formulate data version control and quality assurance based on level of applied processing etc, retro-application of calibration constants, changes to physical constants etc.

  3. To develop strategies for network management and future development of the network in line with changes in scientific and social priorities.

  4. To establish a discussion forum.


  • A clear plan for the implementation of standard procedures and protocols as developed in WG 1 and WG 2.

  • A coherent data version control and quality assurance system.

  • A living strategy document.

  • A web based discussion forum.


  • Training school on standard operating practices, data processing and QA/QC.

  • Launch of EUBREWNET as a coherent, coordinated network.

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