Algorithm developments

This group’s activities will provide the other key to the core Action goal of achieving consistency of all Brewer data products across Europe.

Beyond the fundamental observational quality, the retrieved data is intimately dependent on the use of appropriate physical constants, consideration of temperature profiles and the physical models used for data retrieval and processing. Current methods used by the different national agencies will be critically reviewed with the best being combined and further developed into a set of standard algorithms and protocols for their application. This group will liaise closely with and incorporate results from WG 1, and will maintain close links with the relevant activities of WMO and, concerning ozone, with the activities of the International Ozone Commission.
The organisation of two intercomparisons, one near the beginning and one towards the end of the Action will demonstrate the effectiveness of the coordinated activities. These will be timed to coincide with the existing, funded RBCC-E calibration campaigns which also include Dobson instruments.


  1. To critically review measurement algorithms, choice of absorption cross sections, inclusion of temperature profiles and other physical constants used in the physical retrieval models.

  2. To develop optimised operating and data processing methodologies incorporating the outcomes of WG 1.

  3. To evaluate the potential for and the means of applying the harmonised data processing developments to historical data of ozone and AOD-UV.

  4. To review current calibration procedures with emphasis on optimising transfer of parameters for all data products and to develop methodologies for best practice, maintaining compatibility between the Toronto and RBCC-E triads.

  5. To evaluate the potential for and the means of applying the harmonised calibration and characterisation developments to historical data of ozone and AOD-UV.


  • Standard operating and data processing procedures.

  • Recommendations on choice of physical constants


  • Intercomparison toward the beginning of the Action to determine current situation.

  • Intercomparison towards the end of the Action to demonstrate results of the Action

  • Demonstration of harmonised historical data consistently re-processed across participating European stations (where applicable and possible).

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