Users, public outreach and applications

This group will work with end users, stakeholders and operators to raise the profile of the Brewer monitoring stations within the context of the new network. Data products and formats will be developed to allow easy access for all end users, stakeholders and the public which will then be made available on a public website. This platform for the homogenised data set will be provided by the RBCC-E. Discussions with the WOUDC will focus on improvements to data storage which will allow multiple version storage, cross references to calibration data etc. The activities of this WG will be strengthened by direct liaison with major stakeholders who welcome this Action initiative and look forward to the foreseen benefits from its structuring and harmonising impacts.


  1. To identify data product formats suitable for end users.

  2. To define the data access rules, setting an example for open access where possible.

  3. To assess the required quality (or degree of uncertainty) of data depending on the various users/potential use.

  4. To look into all the statutory requirements and make best use of latest technology to provide a near real time data portal so enabling sharing with external networks and other bodies.

  5. To publish a public website with documentation and data available.

  6. To develop a strategy, in coherence with user needs, for future development of the data characteristics (parameters, resolution, sampling rate…), network and instrumentation, (with WG 3).


  • EUBREWNET website hosted by RBCC-E.

  • A set of data file formats for end users incorporating improvements to and compatibility with WOUDC, EUVDB, etc.

  • Data exchange interface.

  • A living strategy document with recommendations for the sustainability and upgrading of the network in coherence with international programmes (WMO, GMES, NASA).


  • A public EUBREWNET web portal for the historical and near real time data.

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