Foreword Dear EuBrewNet contributor – in our second newsletter we tell you how your data is being used by more and more researchers and how it is becoming more visible through cooperation with NDACC and WOUDC. Along with other technical updates, including the new version 2 algorithm, EuBrewNet also now offers more data products and…


WOUDC files and Exclusion list

We are happy to announce that it is now possible to generate WOUDC files in EUBREWNET! For example, you can generate monthly CSV files using: Please replace 157 with the serial number of your Brewer, enter the desired month, and specify the EUBREWNET product level to generate (1.5 or 2). More detailed information on…

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Python interpreter, for the brewer’s control software.

This interpreter proposed by  José Rodríguez as part of the activities of the  ACTION COST ES1207 EUBREWNET, has as main objective to develop a python interpreter for GWBASIC,  to allow run the brewer operative software in different operative systems, without the actual limitation of using it only in 32 bits windows versions. With an open…


WG Meeting Sodankylä, November 2015

  WG meeting – Sodankylä Cost Action 1207, Sodankylä, Finnland, 11th – 12th November 2015 COST invitations have been sent out for the November WG meeting in Sodankylä. Local Information Meeting Agenda Available download links in pdf and xls. Contact Mr Tomi Karppinen    Finnish Meteorological Institute, Arctic Research Centre    Tel: +358 40 1263880  …