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Data visualisation

This page gives a brief overview of the functions available in Eubrewnet for data visualisation.


  • Function: graph.load
  • Description: graph.load is a generic function to represent any parameter that can be obtained with any of the get/process access functions with respect to gmt field or any other selected by the xvar parameter.
  • Inputs:
    1. product: Name of the access function of which we want to represent the parameters.
    2. variable: Name of the variable of the parameter that we want to represent.
    3. ylim: It sets the limits on the y-axis. The argument must be two numbers separated by a comma.
    4. mode: This allows to select functions from the modules “processdata”, “aodgetdata”. By default, module “getdata” is used.
    5. avgdata: Using this parameter, we get the mean and median value of the plotted series.
    6. xvar: This allows change the x axe by another parameter.

If we pass more arguments to graph.load, they will be passed to the selected function, so we can use urlconfig together with process or any other argument.

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